Impacting Lives and Making a Difference

Jaaz Nspiration provides positive and sharable affirmations. The established goal is to consistently reach out to others via the advancements of technology to share and exchange messages of hope and reminders of God’s love.

Jaaz Nspiration is a resource that offers inspiring words of encouragement with the intent to effectively bring change to a dying world. It has been proven that receiving the right inspirational message at the right time can repair peer relationships, bring awareness, change minds, establish a loving (peaceful) environment, introduce love, resolve conflict, improve emotional situations, and inspire others to press on.

Improving our daily lives and our world can be as simple as putting action to the following words: Create, Find, Maintain, Impact, and Balance.


My prayers: My Prayers Have the Power to Make a Difference

My Prayers, a full color children's prayer book.  My Prayers Have the Power to Make a Difference is a children's prayer book that is a resource tool that can be used to encourage children to use their voice to speak to God and form a lasting relationship. It is important that we teach our children about God, religious structure, and provide spiritual foundation. If we do so, we are truly equipping them with tools and resources that they can build on and turn to as they grow up and are challenged by the sinful pleasures of the world. As an adult educator, I firmly believe that it is never too early to display good Christian values and characteristics. I believe in God and can testify that prayer works. We can and will improve our daily lives and the lives of our children by putting action to our words, teach by example!


Rejuvenation of Mind, Body, and Soul for Teens


Many people struggle with time; be it finding time, making time, having time, or how to use time. Most young people find themselves busy with school, family, social activity or employment. This 30-day journey will allow you to make time for time. If you make the commitment to read a page each day and do the exercises, day by day you will find that you do have time and you will begin to look forward to the time alone. You will be able to connect or reconnect with God, you can spend time in prayer or learn to pray, you will be able to read the parts of Bible that apply to you, and lastly you can use this time to encourage yourself and monitor your own personal or spiritual growth.

Self-acknowledgement, Self-awareness, and Self-appreciation are three qualities that are vital to spiritual and human growth. We believe that by focusing on these three areas you will learn to set goals and aim for achievement not just in this 30-Day Journey but in life as well.


On Sunday Morning: A Message From the Teacher

Teachers of the Word are critical to the learning, edifying, and growing process of a Christian. Evergreen Baptist Church has been blessed to have an abundance of good teachers. While this book only high-lights snippets from six teachers, evangelist, missionaries, ministers, and pastors who have spoken God’s word on a Sunday Morning, please know that there are and were so many more. Currently many people find themselves struggling with their relationship with God and the Church. I have found that some people have a hard time separating the two. In any case, the words of a Spirit filled teacher can sooth the soul, encourage, strengthen, express love, and provide clarity in the times of confusion. (Titus 2:7-8; 1 Peter 4:10; Deuteronomy 32:2; and 2 Timothy 2:15)

All the messages within this book are spirit filled and are written to give you hope, peace, and a reason to express love based on the love that Jesus Christ extends to us on a daily basis. Also, let it serve as a reminder to draw on your inner power, pour into yourself, indulge in self-love, make time for time, and make taking care of you a priority.  Taking time for you is not selfish; it is a tool that you can use to refresh and recharge so that you can please God and live free!