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Working in the Community to create and build a stronger foundation!

The JN Outreach Foundation, Inc.

A local minority woman owned nonprofit multi-purpose human service corporation that offers community members an opportunity to tap into quality and effective  services and resources that will create and build a strong foundation based on self-preservation, self-improvement, accountability, and positive contact with diverse members of the community.


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JN Outreach Foundation, Inc. makes accountability a priority as it ensures that all parties or participants are continually practicing humility and extending human kindness!


The goal of the JN Outreach Foundation, Inc., is to provide free or low-cost services and offer quality resources to the community that will promote improved relationships, self-awareness, increase self-esteem, encouragement, and character.

The JN Outreach Foundation, Inc., aims to empower the community members and offer them an opportunity to improve their situation and evoke change by taking advantage of services and resources that will shift their perspective, create change, demonstrate human kindness, and meet their needs as it relates to being treated with respect, obtaining food and clothing, partaking in learning opportunities, and being exposed to positive energy in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

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