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Teachers of the Word are critical to the learning, edifying, and growing process of a Christian. Evergreen Baptist Church has been blessed to have an abundance of good teachers. While this book only high-lights snippets from six teachers, evangelist, missionaries, ministers, and pastors who have spoken God’s word on a Sunday Morning, please know that there are and were so many more. Currently many people find themselves struggling with their relationship with God and the Church. I have found that some people have a hard time separating the two. In any case, the words of a Spirit filled teacher can sooth the soul, encourage, strengthen, express love, and provide clarity in the times of confusion. (Titus 2:7-8; 1 Peter 4:10; Deuteronomy 32:2; and 2 Timothy 2:15)

As a Sunday School teacher I encourage you today to remove negative thoughts or anything that is controlling your mind and behavior. Start by recognizing who God created you to be, constantly pray for change, teach those who yearn to be taught, be a role model for those who look to you for guidance, love those who hate the Word, live your life based on the principals noted in the Bible, and last but not least stand on the fact that God is in control. Know that there is no reason to fear or have doubt – He will provide, empower, and equip you for servitude!

All the messages within this book are spirit filled and are written to give you hope, peace, and a reason to express love based on the love that Jesus Christ extends to us on a daily basis. Also, let it serve as a reminder to draw on your inner power, pour into yourself, indulge in self-love, make time for time, and make taking care of you a priority. Taking time for you is not selfish; it is a tool that you can use to refresh and recharge so that you can please God and live free!

On Sunday Morning - Message From the Teacher

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