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Making Time for Self is a personal journey to self-care written for everyone irrespective of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, or housing status. This resource will encourage the reader to look at self from a fresh perspective and see themselves through the eyes of self-love. The reader will be directed to focus their mind and energy on change, transition, and growth. By taking this journey the reader can re-discover self and determine what can be realistically done to further their growth.


Self-acknowledgement, Self-awareness, Self-appreciation, and Self-love are four qualities that are vital to spiritual and human growth. These are four areas that will help when making plans, setting goals, aiming for achievement, and seeking personal balance. This book requires the reader to draw on their inner power, pour into self, indulge in self-love, make time for time, and make taking care of self a priority.


Issues or feelings related to having had a difficult childhood, lack of forgiveness, the effects of not being recognized, struggling to fit in, living with the consequence of bad decisions, recovering from addiction, or  lack of self-esteem may not be resolved; however, it is our hope that the reader will have a place to document change, express feelings, find balance, and cause reflection on growth which in turn may lead to the resolution process.

Making Time For Self

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