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Jaaz Nspiration is a resource guide that provides positive and sharable affirmations. The established goal is to consistently reach out to others via the advancements of technology to share and exchange messages of hope and reminders of God’s love.

My Prayers Have the Power to Make a Difference is a children's prayer book that is a resource tool that can be used to encourage children to use their voice to speak to God and form a lasting relationship. It is important that we teach our children about God, religious structure, and provide spiritual foundation. If we do so, we are truly equipping them with toolsand resources that they can build on and turn to as they grow up and are challenged by the sinful pleasures of the world. As an adult educator, I firmly believe that it is never too early to display good Christian values and characteristics. I believe in God and can testify that prayer works. We can and will improve our daily lives and the lives of our children by putting action to our words, teach by example!


Book: My Prayers Have the Power to Make a Difference

$12.99 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • If you would like an autograph copy please note the details in the Custom Text section of the order request.


    Note: The Offical release date was April 28, 2018.

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